... and how you can, too.
The owner/creator at ABD Culture creates upcycled jewelry from your adventures, for your adventures.
Listen: Alix Klein makes jewelry from used bike tubesListen now (11 min) |
The seaweed edition 🌊🍁
Listen: Catherine O'Hare on why you should add seaweed to your dietListen now
Upcycling content creator Reilly Fitzsimmons has made something from them.
Listen: What do class notes, Eno hammocks, moldy bread, and backpacks have in common? Listen now (9 min) | Audio interview for Newsletter 9 with Reilly Fitzsimmons
The owner of Cactus to Pine Goods, Shelby uses retired climbing rope to create coozies, trays, bowls, & more.
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David Roberts
Emily Atkin

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